Nicole Kunze

About Nicole

Volunteer Service

  • School Community Council (SCC) for Lehi Elementery
    • 2 years as a council member, 1 year as council chair
    • Created a school newspaper that won a Trustlands grant
  • Parks Trails and Trees Committee since March 2020
  • Judge Chair for the Miss Lehi’s Outstanding Teen Committee for 3 years
  • Round-Up Volunteer
  • Rec coach for volleyball, t-ball, coach pitch baseball and football
  • Volunteer one-on-one reading help at Lehi Elementary
  • Lehi Elementary Choir Director in 2017-2018
  • Battle of the Books judge at Lehi Elementary
  • PTA Reflections judge
  • Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1995-1996


  • Lehi Free Press
    • Staff Writer, Photographer and Assignment Editor for local print and online newspaper since April 2016
    • Reported on every Planning Commission meeting (except 1) for the last 3 years
    • I’ve attended hundreds of events in town and written close to 1,000 stories highlighting community and school arts, new businesses and remarkable Lehi citizens
  • Substitute Teacher
    • I signed up to be a substitute teacher when parents weren’t allowed to volunteer in the classroom for the 2020-2021 school year. I was a sub in every grade at my boys’ elementary school during the year. I loved it so much I’m doing it again.
  • Piano Teacher from 2005-2020
  • Editor in the Missionary Department at the Church Office Building 2001-2006


  • Bachelor of Arts in English from Weber State University 2000
  • Associates Degree in English from Ricks College 1994
  • Woods Cross High School 1992


  • Married to Brian Kunze since November 1996
  • Three children Bridget (15), Emil (10) and Colin (10)
    • We were fortunate to be able to adopt our three children. It was a tough journey, but they have made me a mother and a much better person.

Kunze Family



Lehi needs fiber. Having reliable, affordable internet will make it more feasible to work from home and go to school from home, which will relieve traffic at peak times.

Parks & Arts

I support the PARC tax that will be on the ballot. Lehi has the land and the concepts for several great parks, Family Park, Mellor-Rhodes Park, Dry Creek Lake Park, and major improvements to Willow Park. I don’t want to wait to get them built out. We’re helping to fund the parks in American Fork, Spanish Fork, Salt Lake County and more when we spend money in those cities. One cent for every $10 on sales in Lehi is a reasonable ask to get our parks built so we can start enjoying them now.

I’d like to see the arts get the funding they need as well. The three rooms and the 85-seat theater at the Lehi Arts Center is woefully inadequate for the top-notch community theater productions, nine children’s theater workshops and performances, the Lehi Symphonic Band, the Lehi Chorale, recitals and art classes that are held there. The dedicated and talented people on the Arts Council are providing a great service to our community and especially our youth – they need more support.


In the University of Utah’s growth projection study, 85% of the state’s growth now and in the future is internal. We need places for our children and grandchildren to live in Lehi and somehow manage to keep the legacy of family farms and community pride intact.

The updated General Use Plan has mapped out areas in Lehi near future transit and freeway entrances for apartment complexes with amenities like small grocery stores and restaurants within walking distance. The General Plan also includes areas of very low-density agriculture with half-acre building lots that include animal rights. We have a well-researched plan for the growth that is still coming to Lehi. As a member of the City Council I will keep our goals and traditions firmly in mind when considering amendments to the General Plan.

It’s not just Lehi that is growing – Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain are essentially bedroom communities and growing even faster than Lehi. Thousands of people need to drive through Lehi to get to their homes west of us. We need to work with UDOT and consider every option to get greater east-west access in Lehi.


“I have been acquainted with Nicole Kunze for the past ten years. She has been a good neighbor as well as a dedicated volunteer on the Miss Lehi’s Outstanding Teen Committee. She has also served as a mentor to me in her current position as Assignment Editor and Reporter for the Lehi Free Press. As the director of the Miss Lehi’s Outstanding Teen Competition, I have relied on Nicole to fulfill many responsibilities in her capacity as Judge’s Chair. That role demands a person of integrity who is trustworthy. Nicole serves that role exceptionally. She is responsible and talented, bringing her attention to detail to every project and assignment. Her communication and people skills are superior, and she has some very innovative ideas. She is always professional as well as diplomatic. She takes on all tasks with a positive attitude. I highly recommend Nicole Kunze as a candidate for Lehi City Council. Her ethical manner, professionalism and poise will serve her well. She accepts challenges with confidence and is never afraid to ask questions or find answers. Nicole is a capable leader with qualities that will greatly contribute to the wellbeing of the Lehi community.”
Jennifer Thomas, Lehi resident
“Nicole was one of the first people I met when I moved to Lehi a few years ago. We worked together at the Lehi Free Press. I am impressed with her enthusiastic energy, positive attitude and commitment for her family, community and Lehi City. As a reporter, she has spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours covering community and school events, planning meetings, interviewing and getting to know Lehi citizens and supporting new businesses in town. She is a smart, talented and caring soul who would serve Lehi well because she knows Lehi and its citizens well.”
Gina Halladay, Lehi resident
"I have worked with Nicole for many years doing PTA, school musicals, and Miss Lehi’s Outstanding Teen. She has always been professional, responsible, kind, and encouraging. She is knowledgeable about city issues, and I know she will make a wonderful city councilwoman. I put full faith in Nicole to make wise, informed decisions on behalf of myself and all citizens of Lehi."
Ashley McKinnon, Lehi resident
“I’ve known Nicole Kunze for more than 27 years. She is a thoughtful leader and a woman of honest character. Lots of folks who get involved in politics do it without a real knowledge of the issues and without the ability to creatively problem solve - this is not Nicole. She does her homework and is always fully engaged in her commitments. I know Nicole can and will contribute in many positive ways to Lehi City and help it to prosper for years to come. If she was a candidate in my town, I would cast my vote for her, but since I can’t vote in Lehi, I would hope you would support her this election cycle.”
Steven Staheli - Mayor of Goshen


“Nicole Kunze has the qualities that will make an outstanding elected official for Lehi! She is intelligent, capable, compassionate, fair-minded and willing to listen to all sides. She has been heavily involved in the community through both her professional works and tremendous volunteer efforts over many years. I wholeheartedly support her for Lehi City Council!”
Elisa Jett, Lehi resident
“I endorse Nicole Kunze for the Lehi City Council. I have had the pleasure of associating with Nicole for nearly twenty years. I know her to be an upstanding, informed, and responsible individual, both in her personal life and in the public eye. She cares about Lehi which is evident in the years of service she has provided to this community.”
Harmony Hatch, Lehi resident
“Nicole Kunze has my vote for Lehi City Council. I have known and admired her for 20 plus years. She always knows exactly how to get things done. She is smart, honest and has a wonderful work ethic. I love reading her columns in the Lehi Free Press each week to keep informed of local news and upcoming events in our city.”
Joan Gurney, Lehi resident
“I was very impressed with the initiative Nicole had to help our students make their own school newspaper. She was very organized, energetic and patient in helping the students created two editions of a school newspaper which were very well-planned and a fantastic experience for our students.”
Sheila Thomason, teacher at Lehi Elementary
"I’ve seen Nicole at so many events and that speaks volumes. She really cares about the community and is involved. I really appreciate that. That makes her a good candidate for City Council."
Lindsey Larsen, former Miss Lehi
“Nicole is genuinely interested in helping people. She doesn’t serve with the thought of getting repaid – she’s not keeping score. She’s just a genuine, good person. I know she would be a great City Council member for Lehi.”
Kenny Knight – owner of Rage Fitness on Lehi Main Street